Build Trust with a New Team through Corporate Team Building

With some companies having gone through some fairly major changes in the past two years, you can take advantage of corporate team building opportunities offered at Kalamazoo Country Club to build relations between new team members. There is nothing that helps employees focus on work and put their all into each project than feeling like they are a part of a team in the workplace, and the opportunities offered by KCC can be the perfect venue to help them get there.

A change of scenery can help

After many were stuck working from home or with nothing to do last year, we are all looking for ways to bring a fresh look to how we work now that we are back at the office. With Kalamazoo Country Club, you can schedule a way to bring a change of scenery to your office by letting us host your corporate team building events. Rather than stick to the conference room or go to your usual spot that long-term employees may be starting to find stale, you can mix things up at Kalamazoo Country Club and take advantage of all the great events that we can organize for you.

Refresh your corporate team building

Rather than doing basic team building exercises, Kalamazoo Country Club helps employees build relations with each other through fun, exciting events that you would not normally get from a corporate team building experience. We can arrange team building events from platform tennis to a cooking or painting class! These unique, fun events are a great way for individuals to work with others outside of a strictly work-based environment and learn to trust and respect their teammates in a way that they might not have before. We have helped a variety of corporations find activities that were perfect for their teams, so you can be sure that we have something to offer that your team will really enjoy!

Dedicated to our guests and always ready to provide them what they need, the team at Kalamazoo Country Club is your best choice for a corporate team building venue. From local businesses to large companies, our team can plan and help you coordinate activities that are sure to improve work relations and, ultimately, improve productivity and dedication to your brand. Contact our Director of Catering to learn more about what our team can do for you and how you can plan with us!