Celebrate Important Dates with Catering Services in Kalamazoo

We at Kalamazoo Country Club like to provide some of the best catering services in Kalamazoo for your most important dates. Our food is prepared by experienced chefs who can provide a variety of delicious cuisines for your events. No matter the needs for your event, Kalamazoo Country Club does everything in our power to make sure your catering experience is the best it can be.

All events

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, a birthday, or any other special occasion that deserves a little something more, Kalamazoo Country Club has the catering services in Kalamazoo to help. With different room options available, we can even host your event with large spaces available. So, no matter if your event is something smaller or a big affair, Kalamazoo Country Club has the place for you.

Any time

Our team can help prepare and plan for catering no matter the time of day that you prefer for your important date. As long as your space is planned in advance, we can provide the room you need. Our professional chefs can prepare any meal from a wholesome breakfast to a satisfying lunch. Whenever works best for you and your guests, we can accommodate to make the event the best it can be.

Smooth operation

The best part of receiving the catering services in Kalamazoo with KCC is the knowledge that your event won’t run into any problems from start to finish. Kalamazoo Country Club’s staff respects the wishes of our guests and puts your needs first to make sure your event turns out great.

With years of experience hosting a variety types of events with different group sizes, Kalamazoo Country Club gives the quality catering services in Kalamazoo that you’re looking for. Contact our Director of Catering for more information on our services and plan your event today!