Celebrate the Decline of Summer with Corporate Team Building

Summer has almost come and gone, and you can take advantage of warmer weather before it leaves by treating staff to corporate team building hosted by Kalamazoo Country Club. Staff appreciation events are a great way to boost morale for future business, and, with a variety of ways to help your staff relax and have some fun, Kalamazoo Country Club is the perfect place for them.

Improve short game

A fun way to spend time together and spur a little friendly competition, golf at Kalamazoo Country Club is a great way to build a strong bond between staff. With a championship-level golf course, your corporate team building can enjoy a challenge and build relationships through a mutual test of one’s ability on the green.

Celebrate your business

Another great way to encourage corporate team building is through celebration of your staff and business. Everyone deserves some kind of recognition for their hard work, and Kalamazoo Country Club can help by pre-planning a room for your team during your time spent with us. This allows you to craft a presentation with the statistics and accomplishments your staff have achieved so they may congratulate each other and take a moment to feel pride for what they themselves have done as well.

Unmatched meals

An easy way to raise the spirits of your staff is to present them with quality fine dining. Prepared by professional chefs and made to perfection, Kalamazoo Country Club’s selection of food for catering to your corporate team building event will leave a smile on all who try it. Everyone loves food, and the delicious options from Kalamazoo Country Club can go great with any announcements or presentations.

Kalamazoo Country Club is the premiere location for your corporate team building events to improve staff morale. Before summer is over, take advantage of our beautiful greens and build workplace relationships!