Dreams Come True at a Wedding Venue Outdoors in Kalamazoo

If you have ever thought about what your dream wedding might be, there is a good chance that you can make that dream a reality at a proper wedding venue outdoors in Kalamazoo with Kalamazoo Country Club. We have helped couples realize their wedding plans in an effective way time and time again through our quality grounds and customer service. The team at Kalamazoo Country Club is dedicated to ensuring that no matter what you need on your special day, those needs are met so that the day is perfect and memorable.

The best wedding venue outdoors in Kalamazoo

When you choose Kalamazoo Country Club as your wedding venue outdoors in Kalamazoo, you are choosing one of the best spots for your special day! The extensive grounds at Kalamazoo Country Club mean that there are a multitude of great locations for you to take pictures at, set up for the ceremony, bring in outdoor games, and more. However big your group plans on being, there is guaranteed to be enough space at KCC. We have had many wedding parties of varying sizes come to us for wedding planning, and we look forward to discussing with you how we could make your day great. Whether it is a small group or a large family gathering, we have got the space for you.

Everything you want for your day

With the ability to craft menus that are suited exactly to your tastes, provide indoor and outdoor spaces, help setup for guests and music, and more, Kalamazoo Country Club makes sure that every part of your day is covered. From the first stages of planning to the rehearsal dinner and ceremony, Kalamazoo Country Club will work with you. We know that the process of setting up a wedding and the day itself can be quite stressful for some, so we at KCC do everything that we can to make sure the entire process runs smoothly.

With a long history of excellent service and a dedication to the enjoyment of our facilities and grounds by our members, Kalamazoo Country Club can be the perfect wedding venue outdoors in Kalamazoo for you and yours. If you have a wedding date in mind that you would like to start working on for next year or another year in the future, get in contact with our team, and we will reach out soon to start discussing how we can make your special day perfect.