Enjoy Casual Fine Dining in Kalamazoo

We know what you’re thinking: casual dining that’s also fine dining? The Whites Lake Tavern and Grill does just that! Kalamazoo Country Club offers some of the best fine dining in the greater Kalamazoo area and gives guests the dining experience they’ve been dreaming of in a casual setting for family and friends. From your first step in to your first bite and on, you’ll be treated with the care you can expect for fine dining.

Different options

When you come to the Whites Lake Tavern and Grill, you can always expect to find something that meets your palette. We offer lunches and dinners with a variety of options as well as buffets on Friday and Saturday family nights. Keep an eye out for our special events as well, as the Whites Lake Tavern and Grill often offers specialty meals for the events. From holidays to events scattered throughout the year, you can try a variety of specials from professional chefs!

Relaxing environment

Sometimes when eating delicious fine dining in Kalamazoo, you don’t want to have the stress or tension of the environment while you eat, and the Whites Lake Tavern and Grill offer just that. With a granite bar, flat screen TVs, and a casual menu, Whites Lake Tavern and Grill sets the mood for the perfect relaxing meal.

Recommended reservations

Whether it’s for one of our special events or a regular meal, we highly recommend guests make reservations at the White Lake Tavern and Grill. Popular for its offering of relaxed fine dining, seats are taken up quick, and if you want to enjoy the experience of comfortable eating, make yourself a reservation!

With professional chefs making every meal and a long history of guest satisfaction, Kalamazoo Country Club serves up the best fine dining in Kalamazoo. To try some of our delicious food for yourself, stop in today!