Enjoy Country Club Events in the New Year

As we enter further into a New Year, we enter another year of country club events that you can enjoy! Kalamazoo Country Club hosts different events throughout the year, with some even repeating, so that everyone can find something that they will have fun with. We are consistently adding new ones to our events page, so keep an eye out for any that you may want to participate in!

For family

Kalamazoo Country Club frequently hosts family-friendly events that are designed specifically for young ones. A great way for grandparents and parents to spend quality time with little ones outside of the home, your little ones are sure to have a great time. With events like family movie nights, cookie making, game nights, and more, your little ones can enjoy community and family with KCC.

Your favorite hobby

Whether it’s country club events related to cooking, baking, tennis, pickleball, golf, or any other topic our events might cover, you can almost guaranteed find one that fits your favorite hobbies. From learning new skills to utilizing ones that you’ve already developed in fun ways, Kalamazoo Country Club has a little bit of everything for everyone throughout the year.

Find community

If you find yourself feeling down because you don’t have many plans in the New Year, the events at KCC can be a great new way for you to spend time with others and grow your community! Our members are all friendly, and we enjoy each other’s company while participating in the events we plan. So, whether you’re bringing along friends and family or making friends while you participate, you can enjoy events in the New Year with others.

With a variety of events offered every month for Club members of all ages, Kalamazoo County Club gives you a great way to spend free time in the New Year. Check back frequently to see what events we have to offer!