Hold a Picturesque Wedding this Winter at the Best Event Venue in Kalamazoo

With the cold winds and snow that come with every winter, you can depend on Kalamazoo Country Club, the best event venue in Kalamazoo, to provide the space you need for your wedding, reception, and more. Kalamazoo Country Club has worked with families from all around to bring them together and celebrate a couple’s special day. When winter has you down about your wedding, you can trust the staff at Kalamazoo Country Club.

Set the mood

We love decorating at the Kalamazoo Country Club, and, as the best event venue, we will help you to make sure all your decorations and overall setup are exactly how you want them to be for your big day. Our staff take pride in our ability to assist you with your wedding from start to finish, so you know your indoor wedding’s décor, aesthetic, and setup will be perfect. From the lighting to the chairs, we’ll make sure your wedding looks how you want it.

Choose the food that fits

No matter what type of food you prefer for your wedding, our professional chefs are part of what makes KCC the best event venue in Kalamazoo for indoor weddings. With experience in catering and the restaurant business, you can have fully-prepared meals or a self-serve table for you and your guests. Whatever you decide on, Kalamazoo Country Club will make sure that it’s to your specifications and everything you could hope for.

Memories to last a lifetime

Just because your wedding is inside doesn’t mean the pictures will be any less memorable. We have captured beautiful moments of previous weddings we’ve hosted to great success and promise to do the same for yours. Every ceremony is special in its own way, and as the best event venue in Kalamazoo, we at KCC promise to make sure your photographs capture all the greatest moments.

Kalamazoo Country Club provides the personalized experience you deserve no matter what service we provide to you. From golfing to catering, our staff guarantees that your time with KCC will be one to remember.