KCC Grounds Building Winter Pickleball

The KCC Grounds Building at 3509 Oakland Drive is now set up with 2 indoor Pickleball courts for member use this winter!

  • Located in the main Grounds Department Building
  • Portable heaters to keep the room between 50-60 degrees
  • Balls and paddles here on site for your use
  • M & W restrooms, locker room to change (if needed)
  • TV, coffee/hot chocolate/water fountain in the break room

How to reserve a court:

Hours for use:

  • 9 am – 8 pm weekdays
  • 8 am – 8 pm on weekends

Must let us know you want to use the courts, as the building is normally locked and armed when staff is not on the property.

To come out SAME DAY (subject to court availability): Please contact one of us, via text or call (in this order):


Please remember that it may take a little bit for one of us to get here same day so the more notice we have, the better.

To reserve court(s) more than 24 hours out, call or text John Fulling at 269-998-9748, or email John Fulling at john@kalamazoocc.com. John will confirm courts are available.

PLEASE, DO NOT CALL THE CLUBHOUSE for winter Pickleball.

This building is alarmed. One of us must open it and close it following your play.

There is no cost to members to use the courts.

There is food and beverage service available at the Clubhouse.

We do not have internal locks to section off areas, as this building was not designed for outside use. With a mechanic shop, lots of large equipment and offices please exercise caution when in the building.

Parents should exercise restraint with regards to bringing children to this area.

Thanks and we hope you have a great time playing Pickleball!