Look Forward to Thorough Planning with a Wedding Venue in Kalamazoo

With vaccines seemingly just around the corner, there are plenty of opportunities for individuals to start up big plans once again, and that includes choosing a wedding venue in Kalamazoo. Kalamazoo Country Club has been the premier wedding venue choice for many over the years, and now that we are all getting closer to operating as normal, your party can schedule with us as well!

Anyone invited to schedule

Whether you are a member or non-member, Kalamazoo Country Club welcomes all couples interested in celebrating a wedding at our venue. From the beautiful outdoor grounds to the spacious and accommodating interior spaces for receptions, KCC provides everything that couples could want for the ideal wedding venue in Kalamazoo. From start to finish, our team will work with you to make sure that your important day is taken care of in every way. Whatever you need, when you schedule with Kalamazoo Country Club, you get the dedication to perfection that only we can provide.

A full-service wedding venue in Kalamazoo

When you plan Kalamazoo Country Club as your wedding venue, you not only get a great location for every part of your wedding, but you also get all the services you could need to make the day perfect. We not only provide space for your service and reception, but we also provide professionally-made food options for you and your guests, perfect floor spaces for reception dancing, meals, and more, special requests, and more. The team at KCC is dedicated to providing you with the best experience for your wedding as possible, and the vast services that we can provide for your special way are our way of helping to ensure your dream wedding becomes a reality.

As everything begins opening up as normal once again, and you’re ready to schedule your wedding venue in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Country Club encourages you to make a visit and see first-hand all the opportunities available for your wedding when you choose us. Always going the extra mile, see why so many have depended on us for their special day by giving us a call!