Look Toward the Future with Event Space for Rent

With COVID cases on the rise once again, there is a chance that you may be thinking about rescheduling important dates, and you can find the perfect venue for them with quality event space for rent at Kalamazoo Country Club. There is always the possibility with cases rising that we may see restrictions being implemented once again, and, if they are, your event may have to be postponed. When it is, know that Kalamazoo Country Club is here to provide scheduling for you to get another date booked in our great event space.

Anything and everything

If the idea of a country club hosting an event is new or strange to you, don’t worry! Our team has helped to host baby showers, proms, family reunions, and more! From public events that need a great open space for many people to private events that want a beautiful space to spend time with loved ones, the event space for rent at Kalamazoo Country Club can be the best space for anyone looking to reschedule their event. Despite how limiting this year has been on gatherings with friends and family, there will always be time to do so next year as cases drop over time, and KCC is here to help when you consider a new space to schedule at.

Full-service rental

When you take advantage of the event space for rent at Kalamazoo Country Club, you not only get a space to suit your needs, but you also get much more. With helpful staff that is always on hand to get what you might need, fine dining to accompany your event and ensure everyone has food that they enjoy, and more, Kalamazoo Country Club provides a full-service rental experience that cannot be beat.

With wonderful spaces that can be the perfect venue for your event that needs to be rescheduled, Kalamazoo Country Club is here to help. Contact us to find your new great space and reschedule any cancelled events!