Maintain Distance and Enjoy Your Time Golfing in Kalamazoo

As cases of COVID stay high in our state, we’re all looking for something to do safely during our free time, and Kalamazoo Country Club is here to offer the best golfing in Kalamazoo to do just that. With spacious greens that give plenty of room between groups and some of the best grounds you’ll find, Kalamazoo Country Clubs golfing experience is one that can bring a light to your life during these times.

No better time

If you’ve never stepped foot on a golf course before, there’s no better time to learn than now! Because so many other activities are either still suspended or you don’t feel comfortable going because of groups being larger than you might like, golfing can be a great activity to pick up and finally learn. Kalamazoo Country Club is still putting on our golfing in a safe way, so you can start gaining the experience you need to learn the game and see why others enjoy it so much.

Join in on the fun

When you find yourself with more free time than before, you can always join one of Kalamazoo Country Club’s golfing events. These events give you a great opportunity to spend time improving your game as well as connect with others that share a love of the sport, all in a safe way. These events run periodically through the summer for both men’s and women’s golf, and can help you find something fun and safe to do when there are so many other opportunities being shut down due to virus concerns. We at Kalamazoo Country Club care about our members and visitors, and you won’t find better golfing in Kalamazoo than with us.

Offering beautiful and serene grounds that can be a good way to relax during times of COVID, Kalamazoo Country Club’s golfing in Kalamazoo can be your summer activity to count on. Check our golfing pages for upcoming events to participate in!