Make Summer Perfect with the Best Wedding Venue in Kalamazoo

When looking for the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo, you want somewhere that will help you make memories to last a lifetime, and there’s no better place to accomplish this than Kalamazoo Country Club. Welcoming any and all couples to come celebrate their wedding with us, Kalamazoo Country Club does whatever it takes to make sure that your summer wedding are flawless.

Delicious food

With professional chefs on hand, Kalamazoo Country Club can provide delicious meals that are sure to leave you and your wedding parties satisfied. With different options of food to choose from, our executive chef can prepare a meal for all types of appetites. Vegetarian’s, meat lovers, and others will find something to enjoy with the meals our chefs can prepare. Coming from the same location whose restaurants are known for quality, you can be guaranteed your wedding meal will be one to remember.

We have the space

When booking your wedding at our space, you will find that we can accommodate almost any number of guests. With smaller, more intimate rooms, and large banquet halls for bigger party sizes, Kalamazoo Country Club wants you to not feel like you’re limited on how many guests you can invite based on venue size. If, weather permitting, you want to hold your ceremony outside, our beautiful grounds are the perfect place for photos to be taken and vows to be shared.

Staff on hand

Everyone wants their wedding day to be perfect, and, with our customer service focused staff, we can help make everything go smoothly. From guiding your guests to providing whatever you need when you need it, we give you service that can’t be beat.

With plenty of summer activities, delicious dining experiences, and a caring staff, there’s no better place to spend your time than Kalamazoo Country Club. Coming from a long history of excellence, Kalamazoo Country Club is here to help you make lasting memories.