Make Your Special Day Perfect at the Best Wedding Venue in Kalamazoo

When you finally have officially decided on the date of your special day and want it to make sure it’s as good as it can be, Kalamazoo Country Club provides the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo to make it perfect. We understand the importance of your wedding day and do everything we can to make sure it’s the one that you’ve been dreaming of.

Plan early

One easy way to help make sure your day goes according to plan is by having a plan to begin with. By spacing out all your planning over a long period of time, it can remove any of the stress you might have otherwise by waiting too long to book anything. Also, by planning ahead, you guarantee that all your guests have plenty of heads-up on your special day and can work it into their schedules accordingly.

The guest list

When you plan on coming to the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo for your wedding day, you can help the progress of planning and the event itself go smoother by being selective with whom you bring. Although it may be tempting to bring everyone you know, ultimately, it’s a day between you and your significant others’ decision. It’s a big task to decide on, but by figuring it out sooner than later, this large source of stress can be out of the way come the reception.

Pictures to last

Your photographer is important when planning at Kalamazoo Country Club, because we’re a wedding venue with a view. Expansive greens, beautiful flowers, and a lakeside view, Kalamazoo Country club has a variety of spots for pictures, all as beautiful as the one before.

With a rich history and long tradition of treating our guests with respect and kindness, Kalamazoo Country Club is here to give you the best experience for your special day. For the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo, look no further than Kalamazoo Country Club.