Practice Your Long and Short Game at a Country Club Golf Course

If you are looking for a location to help lower your stroke count, you can get quality practice at a country club golf course when you become a member of the Kalamazoo Country Club. The leading golf experience for anyone in the Southwest Michigan area, Kalamazoo Country Club offers an 18-hole course that can challenge golfers with an exciting course that will help them grow their skills with the game. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a quality golfing experience, and our friendly and helpful staff will always make sure you have what you need before and during your stay on the green.

Golf within your schedule

With no tee time needed, there is always an opportunity to get on the green with Kalamazoo Country Club. By having no tee time, we allow our members to choose when they want to get out on the green and practice their game, making for the best golfing experience available. Whether you are practicing in a more casual way or want to seriously step up your game on a championship-caliber golf course, the course at Kalamazoo Country Club will provide the appropriate challenge for both.

Opportunities at your country club golf course

If you want to build your skills through being involved with organized golfing, Kalamazoo Country Club also offers plenty of opportunities for you to get out and compete. Offering golfing leagues for both men and women, special events for golfers, and even golf events for kids, there are a variety of different ways golfers of all ages can get involved golfing with other members. The golfing staff at Kalamazoo Country Club can also help with instruction for members to improve their game before they have their next event to ensure that they are getting all the practice they need. Whatever sort of opportunities that you are looking for from a country club golf course, it is likely that Kalamazoo Country Club has something to offer.

Offering the premier Southwest Michigan golfing experience to anyone interested in playing or practicing their golf game, Kalamazoo Country Club welcomes all new members who wish to join our other golfers. With casual golfing, leagues, and special events, everyone can find the golfing opportunities they are looking for to play the game they love in a way that is fun and exciting. Check out our golf pages to see the schedule for our programs and leagues each year, and get yourself out on the green!