Reschedule Your Special Day at the Best Wedding Venue in Kalamazoo

Because of stay-at-home orders and quarantine policies, it’s very possible that your wedding date has had to be pushed back, meaning you can reschedule it to instead be hosted at Kalamazoo Country Club: the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo. This time has been stressful for many, and Kalamazoo Country Club wants to take out any anxiety you might have about your special day by providing the best space and the best services.

Regulars and new visitors

Kalamazoo Country Club is the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo for any couples looking for a new location, whether they’re members or not. If you are a member, you’re sure to appreciate the same great location you’ve come to know and love, and, if you’re a non-member couple, you are sure to find a great new favorite location that your greatest memories will be created at. Our grounds, especially during the summer, are a sight to behold whether you’re a returning member or new visitor, and they will present the perfect place for photos, the actual wedding, and even the reception!

Eat excellent

One of the reasons why KCC is the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo is the offer to have your meals prepared by our executive chef. Professionals with years of experience providing fine dining to their customers at the Club, our chefs will ensure that meals at your wedding are top-notch. They also have plenty of expertise preparing food for individuals with dietary restrictions, so, whatever you need for your meals, our staff will work with you to make sure there is a great option for everyone coming to your special day.

With great spaces offered indoors and outdoors and a team that is dedicated to make your wedding day as best as possible, Kalamazoo Country Club is the best wedding venue in Kalamazoo for your special day. Contact us today to learn what openings we have to get you scheduled!