Schedule a Spring Trip to Your Favorite Golf Course in Kalamazoo

As we make way through the chill of winter, you can look forward to warmer weather by scheduling a spring trip to your favorite golf course in Kalamazoo at Kalamazoo Country Club. As the leading Southwest Michigan golf experience, Kalamazoo Country Club has everything that golfers are looking for, from beginners to veterans. With our commitment to excellence and the excellent grounds we offer for golfing, your spring trip can be the best golfing experience possible.

A professional golf course in Kalamazoo

When you want a championship-caliber golf course in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Country Club offers only the best. With no tee times, you can do a full experience with an 18-hole Masterpiece, a 9-hole Executive Short Course, or refine your skills at our Driving Range. Some may want to take it slow to get back into the swing of things after a long winter, and our practice range and shorter course can be a great option for these individuals before making it to the full 18.

For the more experienced

If you have been practicing your swings all winter and are ready to hit the green running, Kalamazoo Country Club also hosts events, leagues, and special tournaments that you can participate in. From fun couples events to professional-styled tournaments, Kalamazoo Country Club will give you the best golfing experience throughout Southwest Michigan. Founded on a standard of excellence in competition and in creating an environment where every Member feels welcome and relaxed, our facility and grounds can be the perfect way to unwind in warming conditions after a long winter spent without golf.

With a variety of golfing experiences available for Members of all skill levels, it is easy to see why so many of our Members love golfing at Kalamazoo Country Club. Contact us today to learn more about when our course plans on opening and how we will be handling events in regards to COVID.