Take to the Best Golf Course in Southwest Michigan Before Winter

If you are looking for a quality golf course to satisfy your urge to get on the green before snow is on the ground, Kalamazoo Country Club can help with the best golf course in southwest Michigan. The beautiful landscaping and overall aesthetic of our golf course is unmatched. With Kalamazoo Country Club, your experience will be unlike any other course, and we make sure you have everything you need before hitting the green.

Golf whenever you are able

With Kalamazoo Country Club’s golf course, you can have the greatest golf experience whenever you want, no tee time needed. Our course is always available when open, so you can enjoy the beauty of our course as many times as you need before winter is finally here. With programs for men, women, and children, the golf course at Kalamazoo Country Club is a great place for the whole family to golf whenever you’re able.

Master your favorite sport

If you want to hone your golf skills before the holiday season is upon us, Kalamazoo Country Club has custom tailored golf lessons for every level of skill. We offer the most up to date methods in training and videos if these resources can help you learn, and make sure that you understand everything being presented to you. Private lessons offered are scheduled with your pro of choice by appointment, so you can get trained by the one you look up to.

When you come to Kalamazoo Country Club and take to the course, you know that you will get the best golf experience possible. From the first hole to the last, your time on our course is memorable and worthwhile. With instructors and an assistance team always on hand, we are here to help you make the most of your experience golfing at Kalamazoo Country Club.